Aug 022015
What we did around Keswick

The end of our Cumbrian Way walk was the town of Keswick. Keswick, pronounced Keszik, is a tourist town in the middle of the lake district in England. It is a destination for tourists as well as a good base for hiking. As much as I enjoyed our four days of hiking (1 2  3 […]

Jul 272015
Handsome Sheep

My father and I walked a portion of the Cumbria Way in Northwest England over four days (Read day one starting here). Sheep are an ever present companion on the trail as so much of the trail runs beside and through sheep fields. Sheep poop too, but that is less photogenic. I have written a […]

Jul 252015
Kissing Gates and Styles of Stiles

Dry Stone Walls separate sheep from more sheep as they criss cross the Cumbrian landscape. Wooden fences and wire fences cut across fields. The land is divided and quartered, but there are always ways over (for humans.) This was one of the most fascinating parts of walking the Cumbria Way to me. We were on […]

Jul 212015
Dry Stone Walls

When you think about the English countryside, what images come to mind? Sheep? Yes, of course. Beer and pubs? More town than countryside, but I’m totally there. How about this image of the rolling green hills partitioned by wandering stone walls? That was definitely in my head as Dad and I started out on our […]

Jul 182015
Food in Cumbria

One of the great joys of travel is exploring local food as you go. My dad and I walked a portion of the Cumbrian Way this June and encountered a lot of great food. England isn’t particularly well known for its food, but I think that is a shame. We found a number of great […]

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