Jun 132015
Orientation Nice

We had a brief stop in Nice on our way from Brussels to Italy. Ali and I had both been to Nice previously, but long enough ago that no memories were helpful. We came to Nice on a night train and only had one full day and an afternoon to explore. We were pretty burned […]

Jun 012015
Thai Longtail Boats

One of the classic postcard pictures of the Thai islands involves the longtail boats. Wooden boats with brightly colored hangings driving by a motor on a very long stick behind. You don’t get very far in the island area without seeing (or riding in) them. I was fascinated by the images and sense of the […]

May 262015
Alphabetic Postcards of Travel

It’s kind of goofy, but we definitely like to make lists of the places we have been, catalog them and think back on them. So here is a look at some of the places we have been alphabetically as postcards. Yes, one or another of us has been to each of these places. No scraping […]

May 142015
Venice : City of Fantasy and Illusion

Venice is a fantasy city for me. It leaps directly out of the pages of a book. Actually it is probably the other way around, the intrigue and romance of Venice has influenced so many books. One thing that links the fantasy and reality is the concept of Illusion. Foggy dark alleys, confusing sounds with […]

Jul 242014
A Day in Munich's Viktualienmarkt

I love German cities, how the touristy bits are often right around from the markets. Oh and I love markets. So when we wandered into the Viktualienmarkt in Munich, I was happy to explore. It is a big place and has a number of sections, though the rough categories fall into meat, fresh foods and […]

Jun 252014
Hamburg from above

So many cities in Europe have a tall place to look down at the city from. Hence the from-above series on Ctrl-Alt-Travel. This post is Hamburg. To get these views, you need to go to the top of the tower at St. Michel’s church. Often you need the TV Towers, but increasingly we are encountering […]