Apr 132014
Wandering Hamburg's Speicherstadt

Hamburg is a port city from one end to the other. The Speicherstadt, storage-city, is an area of town composed of towering brick warehouses in lines between canals. The area has been renovated in recent memory to have bars and entertainment options, but the old feel of the area remains. Quick History The Speicherstadt was [...]

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Jan 192014
Climbing the Reichstag Building

The Reichstag Building in Berlin is the seat of the German Parliamentary group and one of the more recognizable buildings in the city. It is right around the corner from the Brandenburger Tor and once sat just barely on the western side of the dividing wall. An old facade conceals a modern center. The building [...]

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Jan 052014
Greenhouses at the Berlin Botanical Garden

I really like Victorian era greenhouses. Not necessarily the plants, although they can be neat, but mostly the architecture of the buildings. The Victorian age saw a lot of the European countries sending out explorers with an interest in the world and a home population craving for them to bring it back. The late 1800′s [...]

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Dec 022013
Isemarkt - Market under the Tracks

I am a big fan of street markets and a sucker for nostalgia. When we planned to come up to Hamburg for a weekend from Berlin, Isemarkt popped into my mind immediately. The market part of that urge is understandable. Isemarkt is a long open-air European style market in Hamburg which stretches out between two [...]

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Oct 032013
Dealing with Crowds

I am totally not a crowd person. I get antsy very quickly in crowds of people. Travel is great and going to see the big sites usually means big crowds. Ali and I are both introverts, so being around so many people all trying to get in our way and in our picture can really [...]

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